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Just as simple shot of Mauser with his namesake weapon, the Mauser C96.
The Wind of Ages
Two in one day, eh? Well, this one happens to be a reference to one of my favorite films from a certain Oscar-winning Japanese animation studio.

Based on:…

Made using Source Filmmaker, Trainz: A New Era (Background plate)
Edited with Photoshop CC 2017
The Fowler Rebellion - The Zeppelin Mk2
Retake on the last one, except with Jim AND in 4K. Please excuse the fiery hellish environment of the Post-editing

Made using Source Filmmaker
Edited with Photoshop CC 2017
The Blade Runner
After finding a similar looking model of the LAPD 2019 pistol from Blade Runner, this was the result. Plus I love the film to death, its a masterpiece that should never be overlooked in anyway whatsoever.
By the title, you might think this as an Idea for a SFM film. That is on my mind, but for now, as a comic. I have a prologue that explains it all in one take, as shown here:

Mann Co is a controversial subject in terms of universal mercenary activities. Some are benefited by the missions they are assigned to them. New Mexico even had a contract with them for various merchandise around the globe. But sometimes, either benefactor can go rogue. Hendrick, a Soldier working for BLU, was one of these men. Struggling with his own unit, he quit BLU to make his own army. In 1996, he found an engineer named Fowler with similar issues who took it upon himself to make a company that imported firearms and war vehicles, and had made a Merc army, with the sole purpose of destroying TF Industries, and bringing down Mann Co for good. For four years, the Fowler manufacturing team was in the process in making a weapon to do the job, the massive behemoth Rogue Ten Zeppelin, which terrorized Mann Co units for four long weeks until it, Hendrick, and Fowler were finally put down. This is a story of how, beyond all hardships and struggles, one unit managed to bring the Fowler Mercenary army down.

As guessed, two former BLU members go rogue and form their own army to take down Mann Co, except it does not take place in the sixties/seventies, but still keeps the style at hand. Now, this is a concept that has already been done before, but the super weapon in this one: A zeppelin. Yep, a massive behemoth airship with enough firepower to destroy 2Fort. Also, on the character list, and stated in Jim's bio, Miss Pauling will have a role in this as well, as both leading lady and damsel in distress. Well, I can only go as far as this, so hopefully, I can soon get it off the ground.

-Mark Monroe


Mark Monroe
United States


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